Hularo Indonesia

World's First & Finest Synthetic Rattan

The chosen synthetic rattan for many prestigious outdoor furniture brands across the globe

The Story

The story of Hularo is an interesting tale. Starting all the way back in Germany in 1993, Edda Hummer developed the first ever synthetic rattan fibre. The reason behind such innovation was to come up with something that could replace the use of natural rattan for outdoor use. Back then in Europe, as in many other parts of the world also, it was very common for people to use rattan fence for their houses, as well as rattan furniture to lounge outside when the weather was nice.

However natural rattan would become brittle and eventually break when they were exposed to direct sunlight, rain and snow. This pushed Edda Hummer to create a substitute that could stand the harshest weather. As the result Hularo synthetic rattan fibre was born. Using high density polyethylene as its main material, Hularo was the answer to those looking for natural rattan look and feel but with durability and strength that enabled beautiful furniture to be placed in its best possible surrounding: outdoor.

With the success of Hularo, Edda Hummer moved its production facility to Carling, France where she could grow its output. Hularo became the de facto supplier of big-name furniture brands and manufacturers. It became synonymous with the best quality outdoor furniture and was deemed the finest synthetic rattan fibre in the world.

In 2009, as Edda Hummer prepared to enter retirement and life away from the hustle bustle of busy production, Hularo was sold to M. Hatta Sinatra, an Indonesian furniture entrepreneur and a good friend of Edda Hummer. M. Hatta Sinatra and his companies were long time, loyal customers of Hularo. His love of rattan and his emphasis on quality ensured Edda Hummer that he was the right man to carry on the legacy of Hularo going forward.

Since then the baton has been passed and the production of Hularo was moved to Cikarang, Indonesia. The shift did not affect the quality of Hularo. Under Hatta’s ownership and guidance Hularo has increased its production significantly and improved its quality. 

Hularo remains the chosen synthetic rattan for many prestigious outdoor furniture brands across the globe. And after so many glorious years in France and Germany, Hularo now calls Indonesia home.


Our state-of-the-art German machineries enable us to create something totally different to what's offered in the market place.

Hularo fibre is 100% colour throughout, ensuring the colour on the surface is exactly the same as the colour underneath. Hularo fibre comes in many different profiles, sizes and finishes. Every one of them is manufactured carefully to resemble its natural counterpart. With its unmatched characteristics, Hularo is the perfect weaving material for high quality furniture and unique architectural features.


Hularo is certified weatherproof and UV resistant, having passed the rigorous UV and weathering test, passing the 5,000-hour mark that is equivalent to 5 years colour consistency.


Hularo is easy to clean and washable. A simple spray and wipe should keep your furniture clean.

Strong & Durable

Lightweight but tough, Hularo fibre has the best in-category tensile strength


All Hularo fibre is manufactured using high quality and environmentally friendly materials, making it fully recyclable.

Toxic Free

We use only the finest HDPE and non-toxic additives in producing our fibre.

Easy Maintenance

Keep the great look of rattan without any hassle of maintenance.

Pest & Mold Free

Our fibre is pest and mold free, so you can enjoy your outdoor space without worrying about any unwanted guests.

Environmentally Friendy

Hularo is made of safe materials and can be reused and recycled. It is not harmful to the environment.